About lunapoiesis

lunapoiesis: collective creation; transforming and sustaining the world by means of communion

lunapoiesis is primarily concerned with the possibilities of “evolution of consciousness” while roaming the territories of integral ecology, archetypal cosmology, restorative justice, mutual causality, environmental ethics, the realms of the imagination, democracy and gestures towards a democracy inclusive of the biosphere.

When we define consciousness as “the capacity for presence to,” then reflexive consciousness—the capacity to know that one knows—brings to the fore the problem of the necessity of a moral or ethical orientation. Simple knowledge of modern predicaments such as the Sixth Mass Extinction or the problems of a growing human population is only one step on a journey of awakening which is likely to disrupt one’s notions of reality, causality and the possibilities for human presence on the planet Earth. The living question is: Can the industrialized human being find its way into full membership in the Earth Community?

Erica Joneslunapoiesis is created and maintained by Erica Jones, who is a writer, poet and integral ecologist currently residing on Vashon Island in the Salish Sea of Washington. Erica also practices astrology and is able to incorporate nature-based practices for self-exploration into consultations. You can learn more about her practice at http://realimaginal.com/.


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