Taproot: Ecopsychology Study Group

Taproot is welcoming members who are interested in the practice and theory of ecopsychology, both for their personal and professional enrichment.  Taproot wishes to create a community of practice of deepened connection with the natural world. Membership numbers are limited to allow everyone’s full participation. Please inquire about joining at lauriel6 at yahoo dot com or (707) 895-3990 (leave a message).

The group is hosted by River’s Bend Retreat Center in Philo, CA, where you will enjoy the opportunity to develop or strengthen a deep relationship with this very special piece of land on the Navarro River.

Learning Objectives

Some of the objectives of our group (which will be shaped and informed by new members):

  • To learn how the earth speaks through our dreams, so that we can see through the traditional Western dualism of humankind and nature.
  • To become familiar with the field of ecopsychology as a means to re-imagine traditional ways of viewing psyche and nature.
  • To examine our own relationship to nature and its impact on psyche and our sense of wellbeing.
  • To explore and practice different ways of knowing.
  • To explore the interconnection between the natural world and the realm of the archetypal.




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